About us

JMPT is located in a beautiful town named Zhouzhuang in Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province. Founded in June 1988, the company was listed in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, code “000700”,later on 28th February, 1997.
【Automotive Sector】The company is mainly engaged in the development, manufacturing and sales of automotive components such as bumpers, plastic products, mould tools and high-tech mould and plastic products. With a production capacity of 6,000,000 sets of bumpers per year, the company is one of the leading suppliers of automotive exterior systems. The company relies on world-class production equipment, perfect information service system, strong production capacity and perfect technological innovation operation. It has become a designated supplier of many well-known brand companies such as BMW, Beijing Benz, Tesla, SAIC GM, SAIC Volkswagen, Jaguar Land Rover, Volvo, Beijing Hyundai, Shenlong Motors, GAC NIO, Xpeng Motors and BAIC Blue Valley. The company currently has production bases in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Wuhan, Yantai and Mexico, and R & D centers in Beijing, Shanghai and Jiangyin.
【Hospital Sector】Mingci hospital is a modern tertiary cardiovascular hospital with international service awareness and excellent diagnosis and treatment level invested by JMPT. The introduction of German medical management model and medical technology and cooperation with excellent domestic medical institutions are the prominent characteristics of Mingci hospital. Together with the internationally renowned heart and diabetes center (HDZ) in NRW, Germany, Mingci hospital takes cardiovascular diseases and diabetes as its specialty direction, bringing international experts, advanced diagnosis and treatment techniques and more high-end, professional and high-quality medical services to patients.